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Coal Creek Griff:
Does it provide any support to the site if we follow advertising links (without necessarily buying anything)?

Marshal Halloway:
Yes,  a click on a banner will trigger revenue regardless of purchase.

Well, that is good to know!  I turned off my ad-blocker for this site and a few others thinking it would be good for the site; didn't realize I needed to do some clicking.  Thanks!

Coal Creek Griff:
Good. The advertisers will be getting more visits from me.

CC Griff

Hm, I did not even know that every single click on a banner will trigger revenue regardless of purchase, that is rather interesting actually. However, I do not really understand how it all works, I mean why does it get triggered in case I access it?! Oh yeah, the website traffic, I am really stupid sometimes. I am actually setting up my own website, and I am thinking about some efficient promotion. What do you think about marketing on quora, is it any good?! A friend of mine has advised me to take it, as it is the best one.



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