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45 Dragoon:
Funny that my  "Home" setting doesn't show the formerly seen "gunsmithing" board. Wonder if it is the same for everyone?


Major 2:
 ???   still the last topic in the CAS TOPICS section

Well, I've never clicked on "Home" before.  I always go to "New Unread".  So just now I clicked on Home, and it just looks like the list of forums.  Gunsmithing is still there for me.

Now, I HAVE scanned the list of forums 2 or 3 times before looking for a specific one before I spotted it.  Gettin' old, I guess.  ;)

45 Dragoon:
Thanks Major 2! I had to "click" on CAS TOPICS  and it showed up!  (I admit I'm not Mr "Tech" but I don't know why it would just go away .  .  .  )  I reckon I needed the "prompt"!! 

Abilene, me too !!! That's what I normally do but it just disappeared and didn't know why!! The Major 2 was the ticket!! Thanks guys!


Major 2:
Must be Trump's fault  ::)



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