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Upcoming Musters / Re: 2022 GAF Grand Muster
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 09:34:25 AM »
Looking forward to them  :)  was there any Video taken ?
STORM / Re: My newest '51
« Last post by Cheyenne Logan on Today at 09:31:39 AM »
Abilene, that's probably him, sounds right, but he's not quite as good looking as I am! I don't get their emails so can't be sure......if gas doesn't get back to being reasonable, I don't know how much longer he can commute from San Antonio!  Need to find him a room to rent closer......
STORM / Re: My newest '51
« Last post by Abilene on Today at 09:00:05 AM »
Thanks Abilene, that's the look I was going for
On another subject, is that your son with the long hair in the latest email ad from Texas Jacks?  Since you told me he works there, even though I haven't seen him in nearly 20 years, I figure that has got to be him because he looks just like you!
The Leather Shop / Re: Question About Money Cartridge Belt
« Last post by Rube Burrows on Today at 08:59:02 AM »
I probably made more 3 inch wide than anything else but my personal favorite is 3 1/2 or so. My personal rig I wear mostly now is a 4 inch wide belt.

That is a beautiful rig. Would love to see more of it.
The Leather Shop / Re: Pair Of Carved Holsters
« Last post by Rube Burrows on Today at 08:43:29 AM »
The Leather Shop / Re: Pair Of Carved Holsters
« Last post by Rube Burrows on Today at 08:43:08 AM »
I will just say this, Rube.  You are a very fast learner!   :)

Thanks Abilene. The carving and floral stamping has not been something that has come easy to me. I want to get better at it and for me the only way to get better is to just do it. Baby steps I guess.
The Leather Shop / Re: Pair Of Carved Holsters
« Last post by Rube Burrows on Today at 08:41:36 AM »
Hey, those look great! Lots of improvement over your earlier tooling. Keep it up, pard. What's going to be your next project?

Thanks. Not exactly sure on the next project. Maybe a belt for these holsters. Maybe something different.

 :)  Nuisance Here)

I am agreement with Abilene and Pettifogger here.  With perhaps a Caveat.  For the last many Lustrum, I have only shot CAS.  And in shooting CAS, I haven't messed with "long" range at all.  However:

I once toted three of my CAS rifles, all 45 Colt, out to the range with the appropriate number of empty (specified) Pizza Boxes to establish some accuracy information.  After running about 50 rounds thru each, A '73, A "66 and Henry, I observed the group size, group position relating to point of aim and all that paper punching nonsense.

My conclusion was thus.  Everything I shot grouped at the least, into minute of pie plate out to 50 yards.  Hence, since I regularly shoot at 14 X 18 inch targets, the information acquired was actually useless Trivia.  Moot point if you will.  I wasn't missing rifle targets before I went paper punching, and don't miss rifle targets after paper punching.  Of course, since my recovery from a debilitating Bench Rest addiction many Lustrum ago, paper punching has held no real interest.  Burma Shave.

People are still Contagious.  Avoid Them
STORM / Re: My newest '51
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Today at 07:54:25 AM »

 :)  Cheyenne  ;)

Really nice Conversion.  Conversions be where it's at you betcha.

Have Fun Out There
STORM / Re: Newest Opentop
« Last post by Cheyenne Logan on Today at 07:45:21 AM »
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