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Major 2:
I read in the Chronical the 2024 rules changes approving rifle calibers below 40 calibers.
 The article also mentions Teddy Roosevelt and Doughboy will be added to the SASS recognized main match categories for Wild Bunch Action.
What are the Teddy Roosevelt and Doughboy categories?
I was surprised to see a 03A3 photograph in action in that same Chronical on-line issue.

I been away from any WBAS, quite some time, it pretty much petered out here in Cent. Florida.

T.R. Rifle caliber lever rifle.  D.B. Bolt action military (unmodified) rifle made prior to WWII.

Major 2:
So, an 1895 30/40 or 30'06 Winchester or Browning ... 405 ?

03 Springfield, 303 Enfield, Mauser etc. ?   

are these shot at reduced power? or long range full power   


Dave T:
Don't have an answer for you Major, but that's a beautiful looking '95. What caliber is it???


All-lead projectiles, thus at reduced velocity of ~1200-1500 fps.  Our club uses 2" diameter targets so we can set up in a regular bay,  YMMV.


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