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Brass that's liable to split

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Without the production dates on the original boxes, I wouldn't know if the ammunition was loaded with corrosive primers or not.  I don't necessarily advocate annealing pistol brass, as the cases can become "sticky" for extraction.  I would personally continue to shoot it, but would call it "one and done."

Ball rounds aren't useable for any competition we currently play at, except some "Bulls Eye" with paper or cardboard targets.  Practice rounds only??  Although you may experience more Blow-By of gun gas than normal.


--- Quote from: Major 2 on December 28, 2023, 09:42:20 AM ---I have an original 30/40 Krag bandoleer with a 02 headstamp, 121 years old.
5 of the pockets are still sewn shut, but one is open and the 4 rounds in it are loose, two are split.
No idea what the still closed pouches would reveal.

I also have some once fired 1973 30/06 brass, which cleaned up and size nicely.
I do have 3 boxes live WW2 issue 45 ACP.  But have on intention to fire it

--- End quote ---
I've seen the same thing with a 1917 dated bandoleer of Krag ammo.  Interesting!

Coffinmaker is close to being right. I would try using the brass only. Pull all the bullets, dump the powder and the primers too.


Then if the brass cracks, toss it. If it's OK keep it until it cracks. My personal theory is that brass has a formula. Sometimes the makers do it right. Other times they get it wrong. It can harden and crack from age - or not.

As a long-time milsurp shooter I am very used to cleaning the beasts. The only two cartridges never loaded with corrosive primers by the US were the .30 Carbine and 7.62x51. I treat all other mil-surp ammo as suspect unless I know that lot was non-corrosive. It's not a big deal to clean by the way, when you get home from the range just spray the gun, bore especially, with an ammonia based glass cleaner til it runs out, run a patch down the bore and then clean normally.


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