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Wild Bunch Naval uniform

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Yakima Red:
Looking for period correct Wild Bunch Naval blue undress uniform (1913). It's going to have to be a reproduction because this tall Norwegian is a lot bigger than they were then. ;D

Baltimore Ed:
I would love a 1904 Marine uniform like they wore in The Wind And The Lion. Have a nice Krag.

River City John:
Copywrite 1912


Go here for the complete US Navy Uniform Regulations, which you can use online or, better yet, download a complete PDF file (download options at lower right on the page this link will take you to) -

I gather the 1905 regulations were the first to include illustrations (photographs) of the uniforms, including rank insignia, etc., and were in force until 1913 ...

Yakima Red:
Sorry for the delay. Thank you for the great information!


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