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Major 2:
I'm watching the movie ...had not seen it in years . I noted @ 1:40 22  Ben Johnson handles his 03 Springfield,,, what was noteworthy ,  it is Scant stocked

Later when the Rifles are sold to the Mexican General they are also Scant stocked

Baltimore Ed:
Scant stocks were built by Remington for the 03A3 in the 1940s due to the stock blanks being too small for a ‘C’ stock pistol grip according to Poyer.

Major 2:
My 03 is a last year  03 receiver (not 03a3 ) as was produced 1938, it was mated to its barrel 2-42 at the  AA -Augusta Arsenal, Scant stocked.
and was issued to guards @ Fort Oglethorpe POW Prison barracks and stockades.


Major 2:
Resurrected this thread because I have for time to time considered re-stocking.
  I haven't seen any straight stocks for sale that were not priced in the stratosphere.
Truth be known, I like the Scant it holds & shoots well, Im not sure it would pass muster @ say a BAMM match ? ED ?

I believe it will not at GAF Explanation Era .... ?

Then there is the provenance issue, the gun was assembled with the Scant 1942 in the first place.
 I have found the S# is among, those used at the German POW camp at Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga.   
which is very cool.

30 or so years ago I had an 03A3, when they were $149  :o surplus refinished, I let it get away  ::)
 I did not reload then and only had factory loads. Now I roll my own with Trailboss and lead.
If I had known then what I do now, I believe the 03A3 would still be in my safe.  :-\


Baltimore Ed:
It would work at our BAMM Major. As long as its a military bolt action and lead ammo it’s ok. We sometime adjust the rules to accommodate shooters with 5 rd magazines so everyone gets to play with stripper clips. We just had our Wild Bunch last weekend. A nice day. Only 6 WB and 4 cas shooters. Managed to win even with a P and a miss. Used my Crazy Lee M12.


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