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Professor Marvel:
here is the 2019 pdf of SAAMI specs.

this includes max pressure data, cartridge dims, chamber dims, and proof loads.

For example

The long form from SAAMI

on p23 we find 45 Colt in a test barrel 250-255 gr bullet @ 900 fps pressure range as
measured by transducer is
14,000 psi (Max avg pressure) and  15,100  psi (Max probable sample mean)

it also shows saami cartridge dimensional specs, barrel and chamber specs
and at the end, proof data !

FYI, proof loads for .45 Colt range from 20,500 psi to 22,000 psi

hope this helps
prof marvel

aaaaaand just in case that link disappears, here is a link to the pdf on the wayback machine


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