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Marshal Halloway:

As individual procedures and practices are beyond our control, disclaims any and all liability for any damages which may result from failure to follow prudent handloading practices, or from using any data posted here by individual members, which does not comply with published industry standards.

Reloading Data from Ammunition Manufacturers:

Accurate Powder Reloading Data
Alliant Powder Interactive Reloaders Guide
Hodgdon Powder Company Reloading Data

If you have other reliable sources on the Internet, please add it to the list.

Thanks Marshal! I found the new Trail Boss loads under IMR in a special new section. I finally got a can. Now I have to find the T.B. weight equivalents by volume for some of my Lee powder scoopers.

Bottom Dealin Mike:
This is a great reloading site:


Four-Eyed Buck:
Paul, Lee should have the VMD for Trail Boss listed on their site by now. I did have it, but it's been misplaced. I have an Autodisc on my PRO 1000, figured the VMD setting as .66 for a 3.0g load, but it seemed to drop short of that. Went to the .71 and got 3.1g with it and it seems to hold very close tolerance.
 If they don't have it listed, give them a call and they'll give it to you...........Buck 8) ;)

Neversleeps, 13790:
Hi Pards,
This is a pay site but well worth it:
It has a CAS section.


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