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The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Antique loading tools
« Last post by Slamfire on Yesterday at 11:08:48 AM »
 Cool, thank you. I own a #4 Ideal w/ the bullet mould for the 40-60 WCF i bought years ago and i have loaded with it many times, old tools are just cool. I did have to make a depriming pin for it.

  coffee's ready,  Hootmix.
Frontier Iron / Re: Something Wonderful My Way Cometh....
« Last post by Black River Smith on Yesterday at 10:24:32 AM »
Rather than the typical 200 grain flat point CAS .44 Russian loads, I used Bear Creek's 246 grain, conical round nose .44 Russian/Special bullet over 5.3 grains of Unique.  That is listed in Lymann as a factory duplication load.  That should smack the plates with authority.

When I shot in NCOWS I used the Lyman 429251 bullet with BP for my 44 Russians in the '72 OP.  Did that only because I never could put my hands on the Lyman 429184 bullet mold listed as the 'regular' 44 Russian bullet.

Have fun with those revolvers.  I will own one someday, just not this soon.
The Darksider's Den / Re: A Poll about your bullets
« Last post by Mako on Yesterday at 09:23:51 AM »
31-115D is the 32-20 bullet that I designed and the late John Kort added to accurate catalog. I really need to get Tom to list it as the improved 32-20 black powder bullet.

Yes you need to get it listed that way, so people will find it in all of the clutter.

As for John, I looked the other day and I think there is only one attributed to him.  You might want to still give him attribution even though it is a improved version.  If the folks who did the improvement want to be listed you could say "Improved by XXXX".  There are also variations on his .44 bullet on there that need to give attribution.  A lot of people would gravitate towards those designs if they knew those were his.  John contributed a lot and never asked for very little, he deserves the recognition..

I can't believe how many total designs are in the catalog now, it's insane, how would anyone choose?

Thank you for sharing this.  One of the things I want to do is create a list for us we can put in the Dark Arts section that will list the successful bullets suitable for BP.  John never had the success he wanted with the Mav Dutchman which I believe actually started his design work looking for an accurate long range .44 WCF bullet.  I'm not sure we can get a Mav Dutchman analog unless we get Lee or someone else to do it again.

And I agree with you on the bearing surface at the base.  If you have access to older .38 Grease wagon bullets you will see they had a shorter bearing which "grew" longer at some point of time.  Further more the Mold we could buy was not exactly the same as the original design, however I like the smaller diameter nose on the bullets I was getting 10 years ago and 2 years ago.  They seem to feed well, maybe it's not an issue I have never run tests with the different variations side by side.

Thank you again for adding this.

The Darksider's Den / Re: A Poll about your bullets
« Last post by Mako on Yesterday at 09:07:46 AM »
...The problem I see with modifying an allready built collet is holding it while machining,
they want to spread on you because of the slits but this can be overcome.

Yep, I already had a plan to stabilize the collet while machining, my buddy and i who collaborate on machining projects had already come up with a plan to hold the collet by forcing a core of aluminum in to the center of the collet and then machining a hollow aluminum cylinder (to fit around the outside of the collet body) and splitting it in half to go around Lee collet.  Of course the secret is that you can't spring the collet open more than about a half a thousandth and you can't run your core plug up into to the area where the machining will take place.  To further complicate matters the bore of the Lee collet is not perfectly cylindrical on the one we took apart.  My friend insisted we would have to true the bore up a bit first. probably run a reamer in it and then lap it.  The problem there is I would have to buy another reamer and lap (not too expensive but it keeps adding up) , nether one of us had one close enough in size (I can't remember what it even was now). I had suggested the I.D. tool post grinder instead of single pointing it on the lathe since you can limit the deflection of the pieces we would be grinding because there is so little pressure. Also the hardness of the collet wouldn't be a factor, it probably would be while reaming and I'm not even sure we could do that and clamp the collet firmly even with the split halves.  It just kept getting more complicated.  I can see why you chose to make a collet.

I have another problem though, I "started" this project at least 15 years ago.  My buddy has moved and is extremely old now and I have moved 3 times since then and am just now getting my shop in order.  I still don't where half of the things are, I had a shipping container full of just my shop and office items not counting furniture.  I'm not even sure where that collet is, I might just buy another.

I really appreciate your picture and creativity.  I'm sure if I showed the pictures to John (my buddy) he might think it was my set up with the RCBS and everything.

I have one last question...what were you doing with that .22LR cartridge in the picture with the tube cutter?

I also believe the Per'fesser had the right of it above about the rotary crimpers.  Factory products often use things like that because they are faster and many times more uniform than what we do on our own loading benches.  I toured a Federal plant once and they were putting cannelures on .38 Spl cases intended for wadcutters, they were FAST and didn't cause any imperfections on the surface.  However that one photo definitely has the evidence of a slip collet being used to crimp it.

The Darksider's Den / Re: A Poll about your bullets
« Last post by Cliff Fendley on Yesterday at 08:55:33 AM »
31-115D is the 32-20 bullet that I designed and the late John Kort added to accurate catalog. I really need to get Tom to list it as the improved 32-20 black powder bullet.

The original one that John designed has sold a bunch because it was listed for such but this redesign we did works a bit better.

I moved the lube groove forward increasing the base driving band thickness giving the bullet better balance and the overall length and crimp groove is optimal for best feeding from the Uberti toggle length rifles. These slight changes worked perfect because in my experience the 31-115D bullet outshoots the 31-110C version that John originally had Tom make us.
Ah, nothing better than new leather, Mako. Trailrider makes some first class holsters. If you can, post a photo or two after you get them.
Tall Tales / Re: April 1, Fooling around making the coffee & toast
« Last post by DeaconKC on Yesterday at 08:31:30 AM »
Good morning all, woke up early on a day off, but okay, that works too. Supposed to hit 77 here today and sunny. Gonna prep the gunbuggy today and hopefully can get tomorrow off work to go shoot.
The Darksider's Den / Re: Looking for .360 BP bullets
« Last post by DeaconKC on Yesterday at 08:28:35 AM »
And thanks to you also Reverend.
The Darksider's Den / Re: A Poll about your bullets
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Yesterday at 08:00:08 AM »

My personal favorite bullet for my 45s is called "The Barnstormer."  Developed by Adirondack Jack some Lustrum ago.  The bullet was intended to put those CAS shooters who preferred the .45, on the same competitive level as those who preferred to play with the .38.

I apologize, as I am On The Road and can't submit an appropriate photograph and have never been able to post on this forum anyway, but the bullet resembles a really large Wad Cutter with a radically DEEP hollow base.  Drops from a mold at about 130Gr.  I believe AJ had two or maybe three sets of blocks made.  There was a fellow on the SASS Wire who picked up casting the bullet commercially when "others" gave up marketing it.  I don't know what happened to the other two sets of blocks.  The bullet is notoriously difficult to cast.  I will try and get a photo when I get home Saturday and have one of our Mods post it for me.
The GWII (Pietta) base pins are double groove as well (hard to tell from the parts drawing).  And I hate Pietta pins anyway, because the groove(s) are only on one side of the pin, not all the way around, so they have to be perfectly aligned when you insert it or it can get jammed.
Understood, one of my revolvers is a Pietta, and that pin will be the one I practice on, but it'll have to go whether I'm successful or not.
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