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Gday all,
I'm new here.
I mainly shoot muzzle-loaders but I am looking at having a go at Western Action;

I honestly learn more here reading than I could in a whole week at the library. It's great to have so many people that have been involved in this for yrs, and are so willing to share their knowledge.  :D

Eyesa Horg:
Excellent idea--- as a newbie to the "Darkside", this board should be most helpful



--- Quote from: Forty Rod on December 19, 2007, 07:08:19 PM ---Get a laptop, Sundance.  You can take that right into the bathroom with you.  Just don't drop it in the toilet.  ;D

--- End quote ---
Been There done that... well;  I didnt drop the puter in the pooper ;D


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