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Cuts Crooked:
....filled at the moment.  :D  link;,82.0.html

Howdy Gang,

After several requests for dealing with much valued threads, to save them for posterity, I asked the Marshal if we could have a child board to save some of these really great informational threads. He said, "Sure!", and "The Dark Arts" was created. It's intended to serve as a library of sorts. No new threads will be put in there unless I get requests or I personally perceive that a thread is extremely valuable, but you will be permitted to add to threads that are already there. At times I may copy individual posts into The Dark Arts also, again if I perceive that a specific post is valuable.

I hope this will become a valued resouce for all of who practice "The Dark Art"  ;)

A huge "THANX" goes to the Marshal for giving us this area that has the potential to be the most important source for Darksider infomation extant! HUZZA, HUZZA, HUZZA for The Marshal! ;D

Steel Horse Bailey:
Here, Here !

Hear! Hear!


Dick Dastardly:
Thanks Marshall, thanks Cuts.

It's the right thing to do.  Some of what goes in there is now written anywhere else.  Some of it will be discovered by us BP shooters and this is a great way to keep it accessable.

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thats good to hear .. now if i could just get them into the libary where i do my reading .. have to crank up the copy machine .. ;D

Nice work, boys.  Nice work.


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