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Opinions sought on 51 Navy Manfacturers


OK.  I am considering a pair of 51 Colt Navy London models.  I want steel gripframes.  I want them nickel plated. I want to know which manufacturer you would buy.  Why?

Mr. Buffalodung:
Hey Will,
          Well there just no doubt that the Ubertis are a little better than all the rest, even some of the Colts(uberti made, put together & finished here by colt) But the Piettas that have been imported in the last couple of years have been down right great! I know there are still a lot of them as well as some ASM guns out there that may have a bug or two but you will run into that with Uberti as well. The nickeled Colt Signature series and the Colt Black Powder Arms that I have owned had a much better finish than the others but these are getting hard to find. I would go with the Ubertis just from a quality stand point but like I said, the Piettas arnt that shabby anymore, I have a few of them that are top notch. The Armi San Marco's has some of the prettiest cch that you'll see(not real cch, done with a chemical) but the over all quality is hit & miss.
                                                                                                 Happy shoot'en

Thanks!  I figured that.  I am thinking about heading to Dixie and trying out some actions.  Uberti is in the lead.  I intend to put together a Crimean officers kit.  The 51 Navy was often bought with personal funds.  The nickel will hold up better than the usual silver plating.  I hope to find a smooth action and disassemble/massage it and farm out the nickel plate work.


Vin Weasel:
Howdy Sir William,
I own a few Piettas and a Uberti and the Piettas are nice irons.  The fit and finish is great and they're pretty accurate, too.  If my Uberti is any better, it is only by a hair.  There was a Pietta 51 Navy London in Cabela's a while back...not sure if they still have it.
Good luck, whichever way you go!

john boy:
Sir William:  I picked up a pair of Colt Navies ... the US Marshal model made by Pietta.  They have to be the sweetest C&B's I own.  If you do consider them, only buy the 50xxxx serial number ones.  Seems Pietta had a problem with the 51xxxx ones.


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