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Howdy Y'all
How may use blackpowder as main propellant for
shooting CAS matches?
I'prefer the holy black myself, hands in the air every one

Yup, I prefer Gunpowder myself!  ;)

Calamity Jane:
Nuthin but


US Scout:
Been shooting the real powder since 1978 or so.

The only time I use the "other" stuff is when I'm shooting indoors.  The range staff and other shooters seem to object to the smoke and fragrance for some reason.

US Scout

Will Ketchum:
I started shooting muzzle loaders in 1973.  The first 2 years I shot 24 pounds of powder ;D.  I shot NMLRA pistol for several years and worked for Tedd Cash of Cash Manufacturing, maker of many muzzle loading products.

When I started shooting CAS in 93 I thought I would shoot real gunpowder but soon found that I detested loading black powder rounds and didn't like the mess of the fired brass :(.  So I just used Unique like I had for IPSC.  Then switched to Titegroup.

Now that I want to shoot my Smith & Wesson New Model Number 3s I realize that I must use black powder so I am back to it for at least some matches.  I just bought some Magtech brass hulls and will need to earn how to load them. ???.

Who knows I might convert full time ;)

Will Ketchum


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