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Good source for American Pioneer Powder?


Big John Wyatt:
Obviously looking to save a few bucks. Got a local supplier that will sell it to me for $16 a pound + tax(case price).

Know of any better prices or is this it?

That is about the price I see it for in
 this neck of the woods.

Jax Orebetter:
There is a guy on Gun Broker that sells it by the case. It is $171.90. That includes shipping and hazmat fees. It comes out to about $14.33 per bottle.


B.L. Justice:
The guy on the Gun Broker is Coin Guy.  If you do a search for American Pioneer Powder in Google you will find him also.  He takes Pay Pal and turn around time is quick. 

Strong rec from this Cowboy.

Rifled Slug:
He is the guy I get mine from and never have had a problem . :)


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