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Dances With Coyotes:
My grandma was 87 when she died....................................................

....stabbed in a barfight.

Navy Six:
Not much of a computer person in the past. My first experiences were with sports websites where vulgar name calling was the norm with anyone you disagreed with, so I never thought I would be posting anywhere. Come to find out I have been missing a good thing here. I am pleasantly surprised at the polite and helpful tone, especially considering the wealth of experience you can access. Since all I do is Cowboy shooting related (especially Blackpowder) i have found this forum a gold mine.  Thanks,  Navy Six

Bruce W Sims:
My own experience was a good amount of time spent on Martial Arts forums.
The primary issues seemed to be that everyone had an agenda to sell and not much
tolerance for folks who thought differently. Sooner or later it always came to a boil....
usually sooner rather than later...... life's too short for that kind of crap. I like
kicking back with folks who enjoy each other's company and respect each other's
position. Even in the short time I have been here there have been a couple of
differences of opinion...but thats ALL it was. Very live and let live......very agree to disagree.

Just sayin....

Best Wishes,




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