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Polish em up bright and show them off here!!! (pic posting thread)

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Dakota Widowmaker:

Post your Henry photos here with pride. Please keep photos at a reasonable size. (like, around 400 pixels or smaller on the long side)

There are alot of nicely engraved models out there that have caught everyone's attention and show a great deal of pride.

These are wonderful rifles and fun to shoot.

Col. Riddles:
Ok Here's my 1860 Henry Engraving by Charles Glackman, aka Longline Charlie,  of Fairland, In. longlinecharlie@suscom.net

Col. Riddles:
These are photos of Bounty Bills engraved 1860 Henry. He couldn't figure out how to do it so I'm posting them for him.


Dakota Widowmaker:
Those look REAL fine...

How do you keep your brass from getting tarnished so fast? Is there a top level treatment, or, do you just wipe it down with oil ever so often?

I am REALLY thinking about getting my Henry engraved...

Curley Cole:
A good thing to use on your brass is SemiChrome Polish  (motorcycle shops carry it) I will take off all the tarnish and shine it up (it has jewelers rouge in it so will also take out small scratches.) works far better than brasso or flitz.

It is also great to do final polish on poly-ivory or even real ivory grips. I had my grips fitted but they were still rough and dull. I sat and watched tv and polished them til they now just glow, and are smooth as glass. (but as with ivory or good poly-ivory, they are not slippery when sweating and shooting...)



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