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Why don't they eliminate THAT!?

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I read (again) where a STORM pard has eliminated that dohickey by the barrel to reduce fouling in their opentop.  This is a common thing to be done.  I wonder WHY the manufacturer/distributor specs don't simply grind it off at the factory?  It makes sense to me.  Your thoughts?

Cuts Crooked:
Donno pard. The original didn't have that collar at all, and insofar as I 'cn see it don' serve no purpose.

But I don' think alla them have the collar now. Mine is an ASM that has been around a few years. ASM don' make em no more and I ain' got my hands on one made by anyone else yet to examine.

Mine was Traditions.  ASM made them too.


What do-hickey?

Really, what do hickey thingie whatchahootie are ya'll talking about?


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