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 :)  YEPPER  ;)

YESSIREE ... BOB.  PLASTICS could be a real serious boon or is it Boom.  There is a Canadian out fit has developed a process for making Building Blocks that are sort of like Lego(tm) blocks.  Primary material is recycled plastics.  Any color, ground up fine and mix'd with a touch of concrete.  Strong as hell, cheaper than building a house with wood, and with packaging, an endless supply of raw material.  Good tip there MAKO.  May have to think an investment.

I also have a real nifty set of .45 Conversions, built on 1860esque Pietta frames.  Currently have three separate barrel sets for 'em.  Set 'em up with ACP Cylinders so I could shoot ACP cases and C45S cases interchangeably.  Works a treat and loaded with 130Gr Barnstormer bullets, recoil is on par with Suppository .38s.  Super FUN!!


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