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Yesterday I went to the range and one of my range buddies was there with a Uberti 1875 Remington single action revolver chambered in .45 Colt. It also had an extra cylinder chambered in .45 ACP. He said he said the .45 Cowboy Special fits perfectly in the .45 ACP cylinder and he was using it to fire the .45 CS. I did not know this was possible. Is it possible? Can you fire .45 CS from a .45 ACP cylinder? I keep thinking maybe I misunderstood my friend.


 :) Lonely Pigeon  ;)

Nope.  You did not Miss-Understand.  Actual case length of the Cowboy 45 Special and the 45 ACP are the same.  45 ACP head spaces on the case mouth to give the same cylinder/frame head space as a standard rimmed case (NOT 45 AR) and the Cowboy 45 Special head spaces on the rim with the same same chamber depth as the 45 ACP.  Should be able to run them interchangeably.  I DO!!

That's way cool. Gives me a reason to get a .45 ACP cylinder.


King Medallion:
You don't need an ACP cylinder, 45 Cowboy special works perfectly in a regular 45 Colt cylinder.

Baltimore Ed:
Non swingout cylinder revolvers that are built to allow single loading of 45acp cartridges will fire either 45acp or 45cs however double action revolvers, the 1917 colt /smith and the Model 25 /625 smiths. They are cut for 45acp in moon clips or 45Autorim but will not fire loose 45acp/45cs as there is too much space between the case and firing pin. Just to clarify. I have a confused NWMP Colt NS that will fire loose 45acp or 45cs but the barrel says .45Colt. Bubba’s Canadian brother.


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