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Looking for .360 BP bullets

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--- Quote from: Professor Marvel on April 11, 2024, 01:28:29 PM ---I just found these

Which one could try out first….

And then if one is as cheap as i am, one could “beagle” their .38 mold .. . See this discussion

Prof mumbles

--- End quote ---
Perfessor, I may just buy your cat a cheezburger for that link! Thank you, those may be the perfect slug needed, and not out of line for the limited amount it will be shot.

Professor Marvel:
Always happy to be of service, and if not “useful” at least entertaining!

Prof mumbles

Gus says thanks for the cheezburger

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Deacon,

Not sure it this helps, but my experience with .38S&W is for an 1851 conversion with the original dimensioned .385 bore. That is a substantially larger than your bore. I have had some success with soft hollow base wad cutters, even with light charges of Amer. Select powder. I suspect that might get you started while you research your mold selection.

For what it's worth,

Rev. Chase


And thanks to you also Reverend.

Well we miked the little beast today. .357 at the muzzle, and the cylinders were .358. Might have a chance with standard size wadcutters or a bullet with a hollow base for obturation.


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