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We're not at the grocery store, but "Paper or Plastic"

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 :)  WELL !!  ;)

I for one, am completely satisfied.  Spanish Inquisition not withstanding.  I am completely happy.  The pretty pictures now show up just fine.  I like the Pretty Pictures MAKO posts.  I have also been a fan of the Pretty technicolor CAD drawings MAKO posts.  Especial since I have never been able to post pictures on this site.

Seeing the hulls in actual cross section also explains what "others" have described about certain Shotgun Hulls and why they say they may not be as good as they once were.  Although again, seeing the actual hulls in stunning technicolor, cross sectioned explains a bunch.  And to me, would indicate some of those who whine about the newer hulls, really have nothing to complain about.  After all, the rounds still go BANG, the poppers go down (or the clays bust) and the hull can be reloaded numerous times, unless loading with Black.  Brass Hulls, of course go "To Infinity And Beyond" (stolen famous movie line).

I do admit however, I have acquired an amount of once fired AA hulls for a project, and as soon as I can figure an efficient way to cut 'em down to Two and a Half inches, I'm gonna begin that project.  It's just for Funzies, not a long term replacement for my favor'd Brass Hulls to be understood.  Diet Coke SUX

In my long and not-so-illustrious CAS career, I have used two types of hulls, Federal paper & plastic wads (Winchester 12R) until there was more holes around the base of the paper next to the rim, than there was paper, and I could no longer buy the hulls.  For the last nearly 30 years I've used Winchester AA hulls and the same red wad.  I recently, in deference to my bursitis, went from a #43 Mec bushing to a #35.5.  Still enjoy the same percentage of downed targets... as in "Hey, I shot at it, of course it's DOWN!"


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