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Not enough Mayhem! We needed a barfight or a poll (I settled for a poll)

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Okay... Still not enough effort here.

Get out of your strato-loungers and add to our reservoir (no matter how shallow) of knowledge.

Haven't you always wondered about this?  Believe it or not there really is an answer, but most of you won't like it.  It goes against the mystic arts of the way of the Black.

I wish we still had cookies to offer...


PS  you get one vote, but cry hard enough I can go back and check the "Allow users to change vote"

Professor Marvel:
All of the above excpet for the fairy part.

I shall fall back upon my trademarked reply “it depends” (tm)

Upon which I will expound further, at a later time, after I atend to Mrs. marvels meal ;)

She took care of making sure I ate, and ate well, all thru my career as a computer weeenies, especially when I was on the phone and remoetely connected to a hot customer solving their problems … she made sure I stopped and ate! So, now it is my turn to reciprocate!

In the meantime, I am entranced by the weight of fairy tears.
We, in the IT business are well acquanted with pixie dust since IBM introduced it in the mid ‘80s.

Prof marbles

45 Dragoon:
  Well, it's not for lack of trying !! I flat out told a feller his JB Weld "plug" fix for the short arbor  needed to be scraped and replaced with real steel  .  .  .  noda peep since!!! I reckon there's just not enough feathers to ruffle!!


  Sorry for the "thread drift", carry on .  .  .

Thuther Mike


Not familiar with fairy tears either.  Never made one cry.  Made. Few giggle, but those stories are not for this board.  Other boards maybe but not this family friendly one.   ;D     I am aware of fairy pee.  It is also called Sherry in some more gentile countries.   Give me whisky and beer. 

Professor Marvel:
Got a bit of time.

Dont have acces to my documentation, the library is still in boxes and the main archived computer docs on the “raid disk array”
Are not yet connected. So, relying on memory:

Originally gunpowder had two uses: rockets and cannon. Since the gunpowder formulas were handled by Alchemists, and
All ingrediants were measured by weight, the resultant charges (which were large ish ) were also measured By Weight.

Fast forward to shoulder mounted arms - “hand cannon” and  matchlock musket charges were pre-measured By Weight and placed in a
cartridge bottle or Cartouche. When one ran out of cartridges, one was forced to use a powder scoop or volumetric measure.
I do not recall documentation , but can surmise that the ones in charge of loading the wooden cartouche bandeliers would
Measure either way, by valume or weight, whichever was most convenient. Bear in mind that reasonably precise powder scoops
Were far more available than accurate balance scales.

Fast forward and we find military paper and linen cartridges that were made in factories, often by woman, using scoops to measure the powder.

And again, in the field, individuals relied on powder scoop or powder measures after any factory made paper cartridges were used up.
There are historuc examples of powder flasks that have measures attached.

PenultimTely, since powder scoops are generally only accurate to +/- 5% , the modern long range shooters regularly weigh their charges, and additianlly use various methods to achieve consistant volume and compression.

Lastly, in the filed, under duress, with a flintlock rifle or musket, individuals actually fighting and having to reload rapidly, would use the magic server pixie dust method of dumping a random hopefully correct  amount of powder directly out of the powder horn or flask down the barrel and cram a loose ball ( no patch) as fast as possible in order to get off the next shot asap.


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