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Anybody shoot Bisley's?


Cheyenne Logan:
Anybody shoot Bisley's?? Turned two of mine into "Notta-Bisley" to play around with....

I have always wanted one of these.  Are yours Colts or reproductions? How do they shoot compared to the SAA models?  I like the used but not abused finish on them.

Cheyenne Logan:
They are a pair of my Uberti SAA's, I changed out the grip frames and hammer/triggers for the Bisley style to play with this configuration to see if I liked it or not......much easier on the wallet than a new pair of shooters! ;)

I call them "Notta-Bisley" due to using the standard SAA frame......a local shop had a well used Colt in this configuration that I thought was neat.....Stembridge was famous for doing the opposite, using a Bisley frame with standard SAA grip frames.....in fact, the one used by none other than John Wayne in True Grit, was a Bisley main frame with SAA grip frame and parts, with the trigger guard being enlarged......I like the way they point and feel, and they are very accurate.


Navy Six:
I have a pair of Uberti's in 44-40, both with 4 3/4" barrels. They shoot well enough but since I don't use them on a more regular basis, I have yet to discover the best grip placement. Sometimes I'm high on the backstrap and other times right at the bottom.

Cheyenne Logan:
They are going to take some work and getting used to........getting the grip right is the biggest hurdle I think...


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