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Barrel stubbing

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Anyone able to recommend a good smith that does barrel stubbing.

Kent Shootwell:
I’m not sure what you mean by stubbing but, a friend sent a barrel to Hoyt and we will be trying to fix it. The front half of the barrel was replaced with the rear half turned to a sleeve that went threw the rear half to the breech. That preserves the breech end with the sight but replaces the front half and complete bore. After getting it back the breech will have to be reworked as his work is un-satisfactory.

Major 2:
Galen...  assuming you mean shorting? what gun ?


Barrel stubbing mostly applies to H & R barrels. It is a process using say a 12gauge barrel  cutting the barrel off ahead of the chamber  and drilling the former chamber area out. solder, thread or epoxy your new barrel stub of the desired caliber then chamber. High pressure rounds must have the new barrel fitted to an SB-2 frame. That's the short of the story.

Major 2:
One learns about something new every day... :P



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