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Cimmaron coach gun vs CZ coach gun

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Pappy Hayes:
This may have been discussed before but couldn't find anything. I am trying to decide which one to go with. Looking at the Cimmaron do to lower price

I have the Cimmaron 1878 coach gun.  I love it.   I had a spring issue that it came with.   Oddly I bought mine through Cheaper than Dirt, but it is marked Cimmaron.   It had a crack in a hammer spring.    So, after one box of ammo, it was a single shot.   I do not know if you have dealt with cheaper than dirt, but no refund/returns.   So, I call Cimmaron, explain my issue.    Sent me a spring free of charge.   If I get something they sell, it will come from them.   

Well, Pappy, I'm going to make some assumptions.  First, that the Cimarron coach gun you are talking about is their 1878 Hammer shotgun.  Almost all of those were Chinese, although they did import just a handful of them from Pakistan.  They got only one shipment of them (last year) in the past several years, and they are out of them now.  So if you want one, you will most likely have to find a used one or wait a long time.

Another assumption is that you meant CZ, not CV.  Those do have a decent reputation and are certainly "prettier" than the Chinese guns.  The hammers are wider apart and lower so cocking them both with a sweep of the hand like some do on the '78 is not so easy.  I had a Liberty II, which was an earlier version of the CZ.  It did not have as much drop to the stock as the 1878 and so I tended to shoot high with it, and eventually sold it and kept the 1878.  I can't say if the CZ's have the same stock angle.


I run the CZ Hammer Coach and love it. No work done on it, but built like a freaking tank and beautiful to boot. I have not used the Cimarron gun, but their stuff is usually good.

Major 2:
I bought my 1878 in 2004, I know it was when Walt Johnson was importing them.
20 years ago, now.
It came with a set of lighter springs installed (and the OEM springs included in the box.
Sometime later Walt Johnson went to work at EMF, and they carried the same coach gun a few years.
Then Cimerron started offering them, then some supply and out of stock issues.
The prices went up, even used they were double my original purchase price.

There were several Turkish imports that cropped up under various import labels.
Adco was one about that time, and quickly disappeared.
Liberty & Liberty II's before that.
There was something about the Turk guns, parts if needed were non available and the guns themselves
would dry up.
Seemed every other issue of Guns of The Old West, had review of a new Turkish SXS offering.
Huglu was another hammer double manufacture seen in those pages.
Then poof unobtanium, then another importer would ease into sight.
It did not instill confidence in me to purchase a Turkish SXS Gun.

Side note: I was amazed at the sheer number of Turkish manufacturers of Shotguns...
                 everything from, Semi autos to AR style, pumps, single shot and doubles.
Even Mossburg imports from Turkey...

Just for fun scroll page after page of Turkish Shotgun manufactures listed A-Z  :o




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