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Pedersoli trapdoor blowing open

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Doc Holloman:

--- Quote from: Abilene on January 14, 2024, 02:53:13 PM ---Howdy Doc.  How old is the rifle?  Possibly a warranty issue?

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Abilene:   I got it second hand off Gunbroker a year ago.  Shot it for Cody Dixon most of last year. I doubt there is warranty protection and Pedersoli doesn't have a good reputation for product support. 

I have my H&R that I can use for matches in the meantime, but wanted to have both ready for when I run the "Horse Soldier" side match at Whoopin.  Actually considering how fast Colonel Callan loads and fires his trapdoor when I shoot Cody Dixon against him, like yesterday, I might just shift to Cody Dixon lever gun.  LOL. 

Doc Holloman:

--- Quote from: Galloway on January 14, 2024, 04:22:55 PM ---Unique is pretty fast you might consider a slower powder. Also if possible you might try stretching the latch spring a bit by hand. Just and idea good luck

--- End quote ---

Which powder would you suggest?  I use 3031 in my .45-70 long range loads with 405gr bullets (in a High Wall) .  I need to keep the velocity to around 1100fps for the short range (50-60yards) Cody Dixon targets  with my Carbine or it will shoot over the target at the lowest sight settings.

Ive only used BP and 3031 so not much help there.


I would not use smokiless powder in a trapdoor nor would I knowingly buy one that had smokiless powder used in it.

Kent Shootwell:
Relying on the spring to hold the latch shut doesn’t sound like the way to address the problem. The latch should be a mechanical action with the spring only making the latch move into position.


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