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Pedersoli trapdoor blowing open

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I use unique in my 45 colt and 6 grains is a heavy load in it and I am pushing a 255 grain bullet.  That said,I have a pedersoli trapdoor rifle and have never had this issue but i lost the sight while shooting at GAF grand muster (luckily after shooting was done).  Any way, contacted Pedersoli directly and got a helpful reply and a replacement sight. Also had contacted Dixie and spoke to the gunsmith and bought a 2nd just in case.  Had good response from the folks in Italy.   

That sounds like an issue with the rifle, not the load.  Trapdoors are much stronger than they're given credit for.  As was pointed out, all the spring does is move the cam into position.  It's not latching correctly for some reason.

Johnson Barr:
Possible headspace issue......breech block not closing completely?  At 50 yards a lighter powder charge and 300gr slug will ding steel just fine.


Disassemble the latch  and throughly clean out the cam recess to insure full travel of the cam. And lose the Dacron wad. You don't need it, and it raises pressure. 

When my H&R did the same thing, it wasn't that the cam had turned on the shaft, but that the weld on the thumb piece had broken and the thumb piece had turned on the shaft which didn't allow the shaft to turn far enough to fully engage the cam.  You might check that ???


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