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Pedersoli trapdoor blowing open

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Doc Holloman:
I shot a 30 rounds through my Pedersoli Trapdoor carbine today and twice had the bolt black open up on me when fired.  I was shooting Cody Dixon targets at 50 yards, so I was using a light load -- 1100fps at 300gr.  It do not open up enough to either eject the shell or partially cock the hammer.  I have heard of this happening with an H&R ( round cam slipping), but not with a Pedersoli .  Any thoughts?
One additional detail:  I just had a broken firing pin replaced . 

Ranch 13:
 Might want to google up fixes for the H&R trapdoor. But before you go to messing with it I'ld suggest contacting Pedersoli and visit with them about the problem.
Also it might be helpful to know what the load details are. Not all 1100ish fps loads are going to be running at the same chamber pressure.

Doc Holloman:
Load was 11 grains of Unique with a dacron wad.

I'm familiar with the fix for the H&R as I also have an H&R Carbine that has had the fix done.  But as I said, I never heard of this being an issue with the Pedersoli.


Howdy Doc.  How old is the rifle?  Possibly a warranty issue?

Unique is pretty fast you might consider a slower powder. Also if possible you might try stretching the latch spring a bit by hand. Just and idea good luck


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