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Cimarron (Uberti) parts question...?


John Spartan:
Looking at several websites for Cimarron Model P (aka Uberti Cattleman II) parts and think I am confused surfing these sites on my little phone. Or maybe not.

Are (is?) the ejector rods for the 4.75", 5.5", and 7.5" .357 models all the same (same length) part? Would have guessed not but it seems all sites indicate a rod for the 4.75" model and none other. Do all three barrel lengths use the same ejector rod?

Hair Trigger Jim:
The longer barrels should all use the same ejector rod as the 4 3/4.  It's only barrels shorter than 4 3/4 that get a different length ejector rod, if they have one at all.

John Spartan:
Excellent. Thank you sir.



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