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Just a reminder, Zoot Shoot this weekend!

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Two Bit Charlie:
We'l be shooting Zoot this weekend at Ripon, Wisconsin. See my earlier posting for information.

Reed "Machine Gun Charlie" Van Ness

Silver Creek Slim:
Micah and I will be there.


How did the match go?  Did anyone get some pictures?


Baltimore Ed:
How did your Zoot Shoot go? We shoot our cas monthly match Saturday. The MD is going to do a quasi Josie Wells, no rifles, two revolvers for the rifle targets and a 1911 for the pistol targets. And of course shotguns. Should be interesting. Going to wear my Amish Mafia outfit for thanksgiving. Going to use Colt DAs instead of SAs.

Two Bit Charlie:
Sorry it took so long to respond. Our October Zoot Shoot went off fine. We had 6 shooters, that's 2 more than we had the last time. We shot the same course the cowboys did except the Zoots shot twice as much as the Cowboys did. They shot 10 pistol, 10 rifle 4 shotgun, the Zoots shot 20, 20, 8. Now Silver Creek Slim didn't have enough .45 ACP for him and his son soo, they did the New York Reload all day. They had two lever action rifles, one .45 ACP 1911 and four .38 revolvers. Talk about New York Reloads. Silver Creek would walk up to the line with his breif case, open it up and take out four revolvers and lay them out, ready to go to work. It was fun. My good friend Johnny McCraw, from the NCOWS site, is putting together a slide show with my pictures of the shoot. He will be posting it here when he's done.

Have fun and
Zoot straight
Machine Gun Charlie


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