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Hi!  I was instructed I should join up here.

My name is Cody and I live up in Alliance NE.  As far as my Buffalo guns go, I have an 1885 High Wall in 40-60 Maynard, 1876 Carbine in 45-75, and a 45-70 trap door.  Would love to be a part of other folks who enjoy these.  Currently about 1/4 of the way through waiting for my Shiloh Sharps to be made.

Buckaroo Lou:
At the top of the page click register and create an account.

Kent Shootwell:
Looks like you already have, just pitch in with questions and answers as much as you can.
Welcome aboard.


Dave T:
Glad to have you with us. Nice selection of guns you have there. Look forward tot hearing more about them.


Thanks gents!   I am currently tying to determine what to part with to get an 1886 Winchester.


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