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Rolling Block's???

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 Took my "ugly" gun (see pic's above) to the range to try some loads (chrono died on me). Just fired 5rds. offhand (weigh's 14lbs) to check primers & brass then saw a Blue pop can at the 50yd. line fired the last rd. & the Blue can disappeared this old gun is accurate.

  coffee's ready,  Hootmix.

I have one in 40-50 Sharps Bottleneck. It is a special order gun with a bunch of features. The wood is XXX and has horn fore end cap, set trigger tang peep sight and Beeches front sight. It shoots very well and I hope to get it shot next year more than I did this year.

The target is 200 yards with the lower three shots fired first, then a sight adjustment and 2 more shots. This gun does shoot well…

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Shrapnel,

Darn! That rolling block looks beautiful and shoots as good as it looks.

Rev. Chase


They aren't much to look at, but I love shooting my .50-70 NYS Roller. It's one of the few guns I own that it seems like if I point it in the general direction of the target, I'll hit it. I don't miss often with it..


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