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Rolling Block's???

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 WHY, would anyone want to shoot a single shot RB at paper when they could be shooting a nice lever action at paper?
 Well, i'v been finding out, now that i have one. Got one in a trade, 26" x 1 1/4" rd. barrel on a #5 in 45-70. IT ( call it my ugly gun), was a project gun someone started about 10 years ago (owner passed years ago), and family want to get rid of it.
 The action had been buffed and chrome plated, even the screws, i made a new butt stock (w/ 14 1/2" trigger pull) & forearm, working on the butt plate now.  They miss aligned the holes for their scope mounts on the barrel (i plug& tig'd 4 holes), used 2 of the other 4 holes to mount a plate and added a Williams peep sight in front of the action on the plate, and made a temporary front sight that slips on the barrel w/ a set screw on the bottom. Took it to the range to zero my sights, TA-DA, this old ugly gun shoots straight as a string, by me and my friend who was with me, (it weigh's in at 14lbs.). Still have lots to learn about this Remington RB, shooting low Trapdoor loads (Lyman 49th edition), "what recoil", a gentle push back w/ .316gn. pc'd, 457191 bullets. Will do pics. when i can get my grandson to help me.

  coffee time,  Hootmix.

Major 2:
I think I might speak for some others, please post photos.  :)

I guess whoever plated it knew that shiny guns shoot better!   :)


Professor Marvel:

--- Quote from: Abilene on September 17, 2023, 03:49:47 PM ---I guess whoever plated it knew that shiny guns shoot better!   :)

--- End quote ---

Sometimes plating was thought to be useful against corrosion.

My favorite plating,  tho rather ugly, is industrial hard chrome. On a firearm it comes out incredible hard, durable, and with a shiny grey mirco-orange peel finish. One customer waaaay back ordered a TC hawken, .54 caliber,
Adjustable peep sights, complete cleaning kit & screwdrivers, molds for a maxiball and roundball, 10,000 primers, replacement nipples and small parts. Had the barrel sent out for Armalloy industrial hardchrome inside and out.
Customer was a professor spent years in U.S. and now heading back to Africa.

Back on topic
Another request for photos!

Prof mumbles

Ranch 13:
 The biggest thing you have to watch with a roller is they will”shoot backwards”
 What happens is if you don’t get the breech block completely closed and pull the trigger if the round doesn’t go off be sure to cock the hammer before you push the breechblock completely or the hammer will fall and the gun will fire. Thumbs have been broken in the situation
 The other thing that can cause them to do that is a stuck firing pin can set the primer off cause the breech to blow open and send the fired case into the shooters face.

 But yes a roller in good operating condition can shoot extremely well


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