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Gentlemen, For those of you who use a drop tube, how long of one do you use?  I'm fixing to build one 36" long.  Is that overkill?

Lucky R. K.:

In my opinion the tube should reach almost to the breach with just enough room left for your charge. The idea is to keep any powder grains from touching the rifling on the way down. This keeps the grains from being crushed and the fall helps them to settle together. The settling makes for the charge occupying a smaller area and a more even burn of the powder.
Lucky  ;D

Most guys I talk to use 24". That's also the length of the one Shiloh sells. Mine is 24" FWIW.


Mine too is 24".   

ira scott:
The drop tube that came with my Lyman B.P. measure is 24" also, I believe Lyman has some credentials when it comes to loading Black.

B.N. Scotty


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