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Hello all.......I recently received a Pedersoli 1874 Sharps #3 Sporting rifle in 45-70 government caliber.  I cast some bullets from a Lyman #47125 mold, that is the 535gr Lead Round nose "government" style bullet that's been in the Lyman catalog for about 100 years and I have heard good things about it.  When I load up with 60gr of Swiss 1.5f and seat the bullet to the crimp ring (gives me just about 1/8" compression)....the cartridge OAL is about 2.75, and it is too long to chamber in the rifle.  When you slide the cartridge in is stops with about 1/4' sticking out.  I appears that the nose of the bullet is contacting the lands.  When I made up a "dummy" cartridge to work on getting a good seating depth, I end up with a cartridge that has an OAL of about 2.65, and quite a lot of the bullet is buried in the case.  I have seen other rifles that seem to be able to chamber longer rounds.  Does anyone have any experience with the Pedersoli?  Does this sound "normal"....an info you guys can proved is much appreciated.

Knarley Bob:
Those big round blunt noses on those bullets can cause a problem. What I would suggest is getting a compression die and compress the powder with that and not the bullet. Since it's a single shot, a crimp isn't really needed. I have a Pedersoli "Quigley", and size my bullets to .457, so you might want to slug your barrel to get it to fit your particular gun. A pointier style projectile may work better, I know they did with mine. And shot just about as well. I was running 70 gr. / weight Old "E" with a veggie wad and the gun shot straighter than I can. I am working with a 405 Gr. cast bullet with 62 Gr Old "E"/ weight. Shot well last summer, but it won't quit raining around here so haven't done anything with it this year. Pedersolis have good barrels, once you find what it 'likes' it will shoot well for you. Keep us posted.


Note: look at my post in this column "What do ya think of this one". That's the one I'm shootin'.

Lyman's quality control lately is none to good.  The bullet nose is probably oversize.  Go to Buffaloarms.com and order a Saeco 645 mold. That bullet will do everything you need to do until you're ready for a custom mold.

That amount of compression is probably not distorting the bullet,  but you should invest in a compression die. Midway lists a good one, as does Shiloh Sharps. The Shiloh forum is also the best source of loading data. And we don't mind that it's a Pedersoli. 😁


The Saeco can be hard to find. This is also an excellent performer, and is a properly dimensioned Government Bullet.    https://www.accuratemolds.com/bullet_detail.php?bullet=46-500D


Lots of good reading material.


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