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Last Weekend at Pitspitr's Playground

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7 intrepid souls braved sub-freezing temperatures and strong gusty winds over the weekend at “Pitspitr’s  Playground.” The seven had brought rifles with which to ring steel at distances out to 600 yards.

Most of the shooting was with modern rifles including Modern Sporting Rifles, but a few brought Buffalo Era rifles as well.
This was perfect, as I had recently purchased a new buffalo target. Colonel Drydock was the first (and most frequent) to connect with the new Buffalo at 500 yards. While after that first impact of a bullet from his .50-70-640 Shiloh Sharps, the target was no longer a “virgin,” it also simultaneously insured that the young buffalo bull henceforth would always be..AND eliminated the possibility of “Mountain Oysters” being on the menu that evening. (see photo. If you look closely there are 14 lead splatters)

The wind made ringing steel a real challenge. In fact, even spotting was challenging as wind kept shaking the spotting scope.

We all had a great time in spite of the cold and wind.

Ranch 13:
 Fun fun

Blackpowder Burn:
There's nothing as much fun as the clang of steel on far targets with a charcoal burner. 

I'm anxiously awaiting leaving on a trip to Nebraska in 2 weeks for a 1,000 yard shoot.  There are a group of 4 couples forming a caravan to the shoot.  Two of the wives shoot also, so will be a great time.



--- Quote from: Blackpowder Burn on July 23, 2023, 11:23:48 AM ---I'm anxiously awaiting leaving on a trip to Nebraska in 2 weeks for a 1,000 yard shoot.
--- End quote ---
Going to Alliance?

Blackpowder Burn:
Yes, indeed.  Along with 6 friends. There are several of us that have gone for the last few years, and now have enticed 4 more to join us.  Should be a nice trip.


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