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1881 care


Kent Shootwell:
This rifle came to me for a cleaning and assessment about firing. The bore looked like a sewer pipe and the action wouldn’t close. It had set in a closet for at least 50 years and he didn’t know what cartridge it used. I have no notes on how to disassemble but found it to be easy enough once the main spring is clamped down. A LOT of cleaning with warm soapy water then solvent followed by penetrating oil reviled a remarkably solid rifle. The bore has cleaned to a fairly shiny finish with strong rifling as well. The calibre is 40/60 Marlin with a 28” barrel and it works like watch now. If he wants to buy brass and dies I would be happy to load for it and shoot a few. This is an early rifle and I would of been a customer back in the day if choosing between it and a Winchester. It sold for $32 originally.
9655E7B1-3D89-4C11-8655-DF94ED8FDFE7 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr

Isn't in fun to bring these old girls back to service?!  Did the same with a '94 Winchester recently.  Nice work and nice rifle!

I consider the 1881's to be a superb handling rifle and a big step up from the Win. '76. I have one in 45-70 with the Ballard style double set triggers, tang sight,  it is a fine shooter. Yours is a beautiful find. Too bad Marlin fell behind Winchester in advertising and promoting these great rifles.


Black River Smith:
Been meaning to come in when I first read this posting.  That is one nice looking original.  Its' too bad that does not belong to you.

Enjoy it while you have it in your possession.


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