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Barrel work?

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Can anyone reccomend a shop for barrel refinishing?  Rust blue and polish a Damascus double.

Tascosa Joe:
Brylie's in Houston, Jerry Andrews in West Virginia, Buck Hamlin in MO.

Hmmm, Hamlins just down the road a ways.


Tascosa Joe:
He does not have an internet presence.  You can find his contact info as well as Andrews on the LCSCA.org site.  (LC Smith Shotgun Collectors Assoc)

Do be sitting down when you hear the quote.  Depending on the amount of polishing and other work needed, it can run $400-800.  Last I heard, Briley was about $750 for a double. 

That said, the barrels I saw were beautifully done (especially knowing what they looked like a year earlier).  And if you're going to have the barrels redone, it is a good time to have the bores polished, chokes adjusted, bead replaced, etc. 


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