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Roscoe Coles:
I did some trading a while back and ended up with an H&R trapdoor officer’s model.  It took a while to get here, but I really like it.  It’s very comfortable and the sight picture is excellent.  Can’t wait to get out and shoot it.  The locking latch on these have a reputation for being problematic, but this one is tight.  It came from a friend who has had it from new. 

That's a beauty - congrats. I seem to recall reading about a mod to correct or improve the latch issue on these. I don't recall the details, but it would be worth looking into. Safety first  :)

Most of the latch problems come from people who don't know how to shoot them. I have two one had to be repaired because the dummy who owned it before me would press down on the latch lever to close it and stripped the set screws.


Major 2:
I had the Cavalry carbine model, never any issue with the latch....

I had happened on it consigned to an LGS in Franklin, NC. and got it for $300 , I sold years later ( one of , on a list I wished I had not let go )

The latch can be a problem, because instead of sticking with the original design (the thumb piece pressed on to a square shaft), they used a set screw on a round shaft.  Not too hard to fix so it doesn't come apart though.  You may never have a problem with it, largely depending on how much you use it.  If you use it for GAF shooting, it may well need to be fixed.  Neat carbines!


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