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Marshal Halloway:

Welcome to BROW - Buffalo Rifles of the Old West

our new board and a place to meet, ask question or share knowledge and experiences about long range shooting matches and about the rifles used in the "old days" to harvest buffalo hides.

Enjoy the board!

Will Ketchum:
Well, it looks as if I'll have another place to visit.

Thanks Marshal for providing the forum.

Will Ketchum

Tricky Trina:
This is something I might try to get into - MM seems to have fun doing it and I figure I could give it a try.  You'll probably see more of him here though.  I'll peruse it.....


Uncle Eph:
very cool Marshal.

Hemlock Mike:
I have grown to like this part of CAS more and more.  No rush to shoot fast but skill in loading, hold, squeeze and sights is important. 
SSOOOO much fun to see a target fall wayyy out there.  I've used 45-70 and 38-55 for this and it's always fun.
This should be a good board.



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