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Chinese '87 with 30" barrels

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To sum up the video, the first batch will be 20" barrels, 12ga, fixed improved cylinder choke, matte black finish, nice looking logo, and they will have 1500 units in 2-3 months.   Later on options will be; 26" barrels, 10ga, screw in chokes, and nicer finishes.


I wouldn't suggest starting to Drool in anticipation.  I talked with Cimarron today looking for a project.  Cimarron is NOT updating their website.  If it says "in stock" it (whatever "it" is) is not in stock.  Cimarron has almost nothing on hand.  EVERYTHING is backordered.  They are not accepting individual "back orders."  If you currently don't already have "it" your not going to get "it" any time soon.

Stay Safe out There

I wonder why use China again, when QC in the past has been spotty. If you have to go off shore to build these, Turkey and the Philippines are both turning out very good budget guns.


As far as I know these are coming from the same company ( currently named Xiamen ) that makes their 1878 Coach Gun.

I believe it was Lassiter in the video, who developed the 2 shell drop in these and Chiappa used it in one of their models


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