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Chinese '87 with 30" barrels

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This is just a heads up.  Cimarron has not sold Chinese '87 shotguns before, just some of the Chiappa offerings.  But they have had some on order for a long time, and I noticed they have received them.  They are coming from the company that is making the 1878 coach guns, though I couldn't say if it is the same factory.  It is possible that these are really crappy '87's like Century was importing.  I really don't know.  The thing that might interest some folks is that they have them in both 20" and 30" barrels.  I don't know that any other Chinese '87's have had the long barrel.  So for some of y'all that like 'em long, just maybe...???

Sorry, I don't know price or anything else about them and not on their website.  If you search around you can still find an image of the Chiappa.  I just saw them on the inventory list.


While walking down the street one day .... in the merry merry month of may ..... La de da de da > 

I have always thought the '87 was the Beez Kneez as shown in The Terminator.  When it started to appear in CAS, I thought it rather clunky.  Entertaining, but Clunky.  Entertaining to watch all the hilarious Train Wrecks (snicker snicker).  But and however.  I've never (personally) seen period Tin Types that showed an '87.  Same same with the '97.  Western expansionists relied on Double guns.  The only real initial market for the the '97 was market hunters who wanted magazine capacity.  Same same the '87.  The "drop two" mod wasn't even thought about.  Market hunters just stuffed em full and headed for the blind or boat or both.  I really don't consider either to be "Cowboy."  So I really don't care where the 87s come from.  Or even "if" they come from.  The 30 inch barrel guns with large magazines decimated the flyways of migratory water fowl.  Atz why we often find magazine limiters in the magazines of large magazine gunz.

Probably not in keeping with popular opinion.  Sorry about that.  So should you elect to ignore my tyrade, I shan't feel slighted in the least.  Of course, if you got this far, it's too late.  There is no help.  You have already passed the point of no return!!  REPENT !!! Heathens!   Hammer Doubles RULE!!

Haha!  Well I've never had an '87 and never had a big desire for one.  But I do enjoy watching folks shoot 'em who are pretty good.  I've noticed that while the imports all seem to have shorter barrels, it seems like everyone I've seen shooting originals locally all have them with the original long barrels.  There was a shooter who passed away some years ago named Ben Sunday.   He only shot smokeless, so a gunsmith put a long Marlin barrel on an '87 for him.



 :)  Hi Abilene   ;)

We do have some "National Spelling Bee" level shooters around here whom can run an '87 like a stolen Mustang Convertible.  Doesn't look like they be running but they go thru a stage like Elliot Ness.  Of course those guys are also hilarious when it all goes south.  But regularly FAST they are.

But.  Taint Cowboy (to me).  No interest.  Oh, but I do have an acquaintance whom whilst practicing with his '87 in his basement den, grabbed two live ones by mistake.  Exit one Big Screen TV.  Kablooie!  Wish I could have been witness.  Oh well.

Rowdy Fulcher:
any updates on those long barreled 87's . The way it looks Coffinmaker wants the 1st one . ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


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