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Forty-five years ago when the man was young and the Henry Rifle was new

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PJ Hardtack:
Reminds me of my favourite anonymous war poem:

"And yes, it's true, what they say
of war and war's alarms.
But Oh, that I was young again
and held her in my arms."

I think of this when I see the blurry eyed, aged and decrepit old vets on Remembrance Day. Once proud, young warriors; now old and broken by age and infirmity.

 "Thank you,,w44,,,"Some how the rain here today,,( lump in throat),just makes it more,,,more,,well ya'll know.


Rooster Ron Wayne:
The Older I get .
The Better I was !

I started out Loving the Big Magnum Single Action Guns .
And ended up falling in love with the 44 special  caliber 1872 Open Tops and the 1860 & 1866 .

I have been shooting 44 specials for about 10 years now.
Its a do it all caliber I think .

My Henry 1860 is a 44/40 .
I like it but wish I could convert it to 44 special.

Rooster  ::)


PJ Hardtack:
There was a time in CAS (the era of ONE pistol) when if you didn't shoot a .44 or .45, you were thought to be light in your Lamas.

My first CAS revolver was a SS Ruger Vaquero in .44 magnum and I still have it along with a blued model of the same vintage. My carbine was a B-92 I still have and they burned up a lot of 240 gr ammo between them.

I have a 44-40 Henry and it would be nice to have one in a shorter .44 cartridge like the .44 Russian.

Tuolumne Lawman:
I like it.  I think I will print it out and frame it in the den.

As I get Older (pushing 65)  I have backed off from .45 Colts with 37 grains of FFFG, etc.  I fined the Henry with 45 Schofields duplicates the Henry nicely.


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