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Grizzly Adams:
At the suggestion of Postman63, I am setting stickies for load data.  If you have pet loads for the 45/75 WCF, please share them here.  As always, use caution when posting and when using data posted on this and any other forum.  :)

Well Griz, After trying almost 20 different powders and loads, I have a couple here that I like  as does my rifle.  The first one is one that I found in Ken Waters book and modified it a wee bit by adding a tuft of Kapok to the load.  This one shoots very well and gives an average velocity of 1398 fps.  I use a Hoch Custom bullet cast to 350 grains and a 16:1 alloy.  It has a nice mild recoil.  The other one that I enjoy,  and get a "KICK" out of it is 76.0 grains of Swiss 1½ Black Powder.  This load generates about 23 ft lbs of recoil.  BUT--it is damn accurate in my rifle that is. It generates about 1440 fps.  These are the two loads that I load the most of and have the most fun with.  Hope this generates some interest.

350 Grn. Lazercast bullet. Shockey gold powder compressed load. 63 Grains measured with a Black Powder measure, not by weight, but by volume. clean burning and plenty of smoke so it looks great. 4 inch groups at 100 yards with my old eyes and Ubertis standard sights. 1350 to 1410 ft. per sec. at the muzzle.


I have no intention of hot rodding my '76.  I have '86s to do that.  But saw an article from 1/2010 on the Uberti web site that quoted 29K psi as a max for these newer 1876 guns.   :o


Which would take the new '76 into the Class 2 rifle territory.

That ought to get one up there with a 300 and 350gr bullet with the right smokeless.  Anyone tried H4831, 4831SC or H4895?

I've had good luck with all three in big cases.

I have tried H-4831 and 4831-SC.  My best results were with using the old style 4831 and the best was using the old style H-4831.  I did get some unburned powder grains in the cases after firing which only amounted to about 0.27grains. The bullet that I use is a "Hoch" custom 350 grain flat nose and is cast in an alloy of 16:1 which is one that I got off  box of original factory ammo.  To go on further, I also used a cardboard wad of 0.044" thickness along with CCI 250 mag primers.  In a 10 shot string run through my chrono  I got an average velocity of 1502 fps and a SD of 21.1fps.  The free recoil was 20 foot pounds.  The cases that I used were fire-formed WWW348 brass.

I did not get this type of performance out of the other 4831 powders.  The other load that I really like is 22.0 grains of 2400 powder and a tuft of kapok over the powder and with the same bullet.  As far as using 4895--I have had no need to try this as I like what I got.  Hope this helps.  One other thing--my rifle has the larger "Uberti" chamber. And, in closing,  I feel-like what you said about "hot-rodding" this rifle.  I, also have '86's to play with.


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