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Load Data for the 40/60

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Grizzly Adams:
At the suggestion of Postman63, I am setting stickies for load data.  If you have pet loads for the 40/60 WCF, please share them here.  As always, use caution when posting and when using data posted on this and any other forum. :)

dusty texian:
40/60wcf BP. load. This load for the 40/60wcf  is one of three different loads that are used in an original 1876 Winchester 22"oct.barrel straight grip rifle.  The rifle has been modified from its factory 28" barrel that was cut down to 22" at sometime in its past. The bore was rough when I acquired the rifle and after many different tries at getting it to shoot with the old rough bore . The decision was made to re-line the old rifle. The ROT that was chosen is 1 x 22" . I felt that this ROT would give the ability to shoot the original 210gr. Winchester bullet and also allow the 40/60wcf to use bullets of greater weight . Bullets of 255gr. and upwards of 280gr. have been tested and found to be very accurate  in this rifle at distances out to 200yds.    The first load is one that I consider although not exactly like the original but is  very close to the original load used in these old 40/60's .The bullet is cast using soft lead in an original Winchester mould marked 40/60wcf. It is loaded as cast @ .406" and lubed with 50/50 bees wax and deer tallow into a Jamison case over 55gr. by weight of 2ff Swiss bp. NO wad . A std. large rifle primer is used CCI or Winchester work very well in this load. All of this is assembled using an original Winchester reloading tong tool marked 40/60wcf. I have not tested this load for velocity  or SD. Loads for my bp. rifles are tested  for accuracy and function. This load has proven to be great for both. This is a very mild load in this rifle that is pleasant to shoot at the range and has proven to be very effective on mid size game such as deer and wild boar. Although I load and shoot all four of the 1876 Winchester cartridges, This rifle barrel and load combo. has become the 1876 Winchester caliber that gets the most use by me for most of my target shooting and hunting. Easy on the rifle Easy on reloading components very accurate and deadly on game ,handy to carry makes this a favorite of mine. If you have ever considered getting an 1876 Model  40/60wcf ,,,,,Do So! you will not be disappointed .,,,,,,DT

pinto beans:
Thanks for this write up Mr. Dusty!!  Original rifle loaded with original tools, don't get any better than that!



 " FINALLY", Thank you "Dusty". ---- How much for the reline? ( if I may ask).


dusty texian:

--- Quote from: Slamfire on December 26, 2014, 06:41:37 PM --- " FINALLY", Thank you "Dusty". ---- How much for the reline? ( if I may ask).

How Do Mr. Slamfire. Hope Y'all had a very Merry Christmas. The barrel reline cost in cash was very low . But cost me many hrs. standing at my lathe ,I  did it the hard way and turned down a new old stock barrel that one of my old friends had . But it was worth it .  Although something I would not want to do often. ,,,,,,,,,DT


--- End quote ---


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