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Rowdy Fulcher:
The shotgun was the weapon that kept the family from starving . What Shotgun are you using and do you Hunt with it ?

El Tio Loco:
Hi Rowdy,
I normally hunt with my L.C. Smith double or the ol' 97, both in 16 gauge.  But this year I went dove hunting with my 10 gauge muzzleloader.  Loaded 1 oz of 7 1/2 in front of 85 grains of 2f.  I did "OK" but the fun factor was off the charts.


Shotgun Franklin:
In have hunted with a Spartan Coach Gun but usually use an old 311. Both are 12 ga.


Stu Kettle:
I started CAS with the Stoeger Uplander that I'd been hunting with for years. I also used it for trap, skeet, & sporting clays in a league I've been shooting in for years. When I finally broke/wore out that gun, I replaced it with a Stoeger Coach Gun. I've only been shooting it 3 or 4 years, but it's given good service in CAS & has killed quite a few bird & broke a lot of rocks.

I use an old Remington double with the hammers and all fer rabbits. I use an old Ithaca double with the hammers(first model cartridge gun they made referred to as the cannon breech).
Both use black powder loads I make since they have damascus barrels. Barrels in really good shape. Don't want to fire those kinda barrels with any sort of pits or such......just the ones with very good barrels.
I've used a Rossi shotgun double with the hammers,"The Overlander", a good bit since the mid eighties and love that gun. It naturally can handle the smokeless loads that are out there. I load smokeless 3 drams loads with 1 1/8th oz.of no.6 shot fer that or the black with 70 or 90gr. FFFg powder and a 1 1/8th oz. shot no. 6..
There's nothing finer than a good ole double fer upland hunting.  ;D
I've picked up some sorta Russian (I thunk) double with the hammers in 16 gauge. Supposedly it's like a newer antique that handles smokeless loads. Can't get any info on it and the Russian words/numbers (from under the barrels) I had interpretated don't tell me anything at all.
I figger I'll just go with the black in it to stay safe till I find some info on the gun. Supposedly it's from the late 1800's early 1900's. The gun shop owner say's he shot it (tested) with factory smokeless loads since he figures it's from the early smokeless era.

I bought a nice double with the name K&D Folsom Arms Co. NY USA on it......nice large engraving on it. Damascus barrels I won't shoot even with the black since there's too much wear in the barrels. it had two bursts in one barrel towaend so I cut about four inches of that off the 30 inch barrels. I plan to have the barrels relined to 28 gauge like barrels inside the barrels.
Anywhoooo....I've hunted with an old Winchester Model 97 too. That is a nice huntin gun.
I se a Pedersoli Doble muzzleloader shotgun too. Those are alright ifin you get a good load fer them. Because ofthe donut type patterns they shoot I use them in a way to hit the game with the ring of shot. Shoot a lil "off" to hit.  ???


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