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Who makes the best Colt Lightning

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Paladin UK:
OK pards..
Sooooo Who (if any), in your own humble opinion, makes the best  clone reprodution of the Colt Lightning??

Paladin (Whats gotsta know ;D ) UK

Hoof Hearted:
Almost a year with no replies :o

Paladin I hope you have more friends than this on yer side of the pond,  :P

I'm gonna step out here and say that the USFA lightning would have been the best (now long gone also) but if you mean least prone to feeding issues I really don't know what to say other than the 38 versions inherently work better than the 45 ones. This is due to bullet feeding angle, rim, and other factors. Of course the same thing was true in the originals. IMHO they really aren't meant to be raced, yes some folks have better experiences than others (as well as differing opinions).


Pedersoli .
I have had mine (44-40) for two years, have used it in every match 2 times a month.
Had a few misfires at first.
Had a slightly longer firing pin made for it. No problems scene.


Hoof Hearted:
See all  it takes to get people talking here is to make fun of PUK ;D

I kinda missed the mark with my statement above:

What I was trying to make clear was that the reduced diameter "bottleneck" cartridges feed better (as was Colts original design) and that would include 32-20, 38-40, 44-40. Don't read my "38" comment to mean 38 Special.

"Best" to me means finest finished, closest to Colts, and best operating, that's why I rank the USFA first with the rest in order left to ya'll to comment on!

Regards, HH

I logged to this board today on a whim.  I've never paid any attention to it before.  Seems like it moves kinda sloooooooooow.  But .........
When I was still plumbing CAS guns, it seems the majority of good results were being had with Pedersoli guns.  The folks that have them, that I have communed with all seemed quite pleased.  Unlike some of the others, that were best employed as Tomato Stakes.



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