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EMF Great Western II.....Wow!

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My Pard Bill Derringer just recieved his new brace of GW II's in 44-40 and after shooting them yesterday all I can say is "Wow". These were the deluxe models, blue with genuine case hardened frames. Both came with two sets of grips, the regular wood grips and Eagle Ultra Ivory grips that were fitted perfectly to each gun. The fit and finish on these shooters was darn near perfect, the best I have ever seen on a clone. The blueing was deep and rich, and the metal polishing before the blueing was first class. The case hardening if not done by Doug Turnbull (not sure who did it currently) was sure as nice as his work I have seen. There was not a sharp edge or a buggered screw anywhere that I could find on either pistol.

When we finally were done admiring and started shooting them for the first time it only got better. Both pistols shot point of aim for both windage and elevation, and would cut ragged holes at fifteen yards when we did our part. Not bad at all for 4 3/4 inch barrels. The actions were smooth, but could be a bit smoother (a very little bit) if there was anything I could find fault with. The springs were perfect for CAS so no need to hand any extra money to Wolff for a spring kit.

This is not meant to be a commercial for EMF and I have no connection to them what so ever. I was just so impressed with the quality of these pistols for the price, I just had to post it. Your mileage may vary, but my Pard has a set of hoglegs to be proud of. For a set of SAA's that you won't break the bank and you can shoot without guilt these Great Western II's are hard to beat.

Paper Chaser:
Well, here's another vote (or two) for my pair of Great Western II Californians!! Great shooters aren't they?  Mine are 38/357; with 5 1/2" barrel; and if you haven't tried yours with BP then by all means give them a go; you will like it.  Mine are the standard models but have undergone the Nate Kiowa Jones action job. Truly remarkable and just love to shoot 'em !

Big Hext Finnigan:
I'd like to be able to handle a sample of the GWII.
They seem to have been praised and I've never read a bad word about them.. but they are pricey. (Of course with the recent increases, not so pricey.)

I might have to get a pair, but I'd have to decide what guns to get rid of in their stead.  Thanks for the report.


Paper Chaser:
Howdy, Big Hext.  Samples? come to Mississippi and I'll be more than proud to have to shoot 'em.  Maybe I should come back to Texas for a spell and shoot with you.  Just thinking.
Got mine from our Texas Pard the one and only Nate Kiowa Jones, I'm sure he could fix you up. (LOL)

FloraBama Kid:
What are the differences between the GW II and Beretta Stampede? The Stampede has a transfer bar but other than that they are both 1873 Colt Clones made by Uberti..right?? :)

As you can see I still need some help deciding which way to get "cloned" and move away from my Rugers.


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