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Long gun clones (1878 Shotguns and Lightning/Burgess Rifles)

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Hoof Hearted:
We have started a "Child Board" for long guns


Well we got our first "Lightning" question here the other day and it occured top me that we have a forum for the Winchester Cowboy rifles (encompasses clones and originals) but no place for our pards to look and ask about the various (and sometimes nefarious) lightning clones. I personally do not want to exclude the other Colts rifle, the Burgess, or the SXS shotgun as they have all come (and some gone) but are still available in the marketplace.

How about hearing from the bretheren?




Major 2:
note the Forum header  Colt & Clone are there

the "Lightning" , " Burgess " are Colts  and Colt made 2 SXS also
and these are Cloned so why not ?


Gen Lew Wallace:
I say go for it.  Good idea.  No need to keep creating new forums that will only have a couple of posts in them.  No reason not to include "Colt clones" in all their forms; otherwise we won't fill this forum up either.

Hoof Hearted:
Well said Gen Lew!


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